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Do you love to play games?


Do you love to play computer games? Then you have come to the right place.

When you don’t have your friend to play with you. And you are alone. You feel bored. Then computer games is the best way to spend your free time. When you sit in front of your computer, you will be excited to download the most adventurous game or the latest game or sports game etc. But you don’t to know from where or how to download. Here is where we help you.We provide you a lot of websites to download the games from. The websites provided here are tested by our team. The websites provided here also underwent security test. So it is safe to download. Some websites offer free games and some games are paid. Its your choice to select which ones you want. We help you to download games in your computer with few simple steps.

Here is the list of few websites


  • Acid Play


This site is best to download the popular and favorite games for free. Norton safe web has analyzed this site for security threats. They found this site as safe and given an OK rating. In Menu item, it has Top games, Genre and Platforms. This helps you to look for the games based on categorization. There is also a search field which helps you search your favorite game easily call of duty black ops cheats .


  • CoolMath games


This site is verified by Norton safe web community. It gave an OK rating. This site is safe for downloading and provides different menus to make your search easy.


  • MegaGames


This site is verified by Norton safe web community. It certified OK rating. This site is safe for downloading the games. Here you will get a lot of interesting games for free. This site is also provided with HD 3D games and all the play station games for free.




This site is verified by McAfee site advisor. It has analyzed and said that the link is safe and there are no security issues. This site provides new games every day and all the games are free.


  • Free PC Gamers


This site is safe to download free games. This site contains lot of games. This site has games in different genre like action, adventure, casual, girl games, first-person shooter, musical, platformer, racing, role playing games, simulation, sports, strategy and more.


  • Full

It is a secured site to download games. This site contains free games as well as paid games. You can choose your option. This has best games such as action game, Strategic games, logic games, adventure games, sports and racing games.

  • Game top

This website is safe to download games. This site is verified by Norton safe web community. It certified OK rating. This site has new collection of games. Reviews says that some games are addictive to play again and again.

  • Reloaded

This site is safe to download the games. This site offers freeware games. This site provides different genre of games. It also provided the screenshot review of each game.

  • Pogo

This site is safe to download games. This site also offers free games. They offer different types of fun games. It also provides excellent online games after a simple registration.

  • Miniclip

This site is safe to download games without any security threats. It has a wide range of games. It has both downloadable games and online games. It also offers free games.The above given websites are the best to download free games with few simple steps. We should play games for some entertainment. We should be balanced. There are positive and negative reviews on computer games. Yes, if you play balanced, positive reviews are there about computer games.

Positive effects of Computer Games


  • It improves the hand-eye coordination, motor skills and spatial skills.

  • It improves your logical skills.

  • It improves your planning and logistic skills


Negative effects of Computer games


  • The violation in the game will affect your mind.

  • Playing for long time will lead to eye and health problems.

  • Your physical activity is reduced which leads to many health problems.


Playing computer games is a fun. But you should play other entertainment games and outdoor games too which is good for your health. Balanced play in computer will add more fun.