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Computer games are common to play for fun. But there are a lot of security threats in many games while downloading. We were concerned about it. So we formed the team to find the solution for this issue. When we started researching, we came to know the serious issues around this system. So we have to sort out step by step. Gradually we started to find the solutions. We succeeded in our first step.We started this venture in 2005 with the objective of security threat-free web world. We started this website and provided genuine websites which is free of security threats. Each and every website provided here underwent thorough testing and research. So the sites provided here are genuine for downloading the games.


We have a wonderful team who made this site successful. We are still in research of removing security threats for many websites.

Mission Statement

To eradicate the security threat in web world. And making access to the website and downloading easy.

Technology news

In our website, we update the news about gadgets on a daily basis. This news includes about the security threats in the world, new gadgets in the market, features about new gadgets, live demo of gadgets, etc


We also help our customers by updating details about how to identify security threat in website, how to install an app or software in your computer or mobile, how to download the software with a few simple steps. Etc.


Upcoming Project

We are in the process of updating a new field in website. This field helps the customers to download the app or software from our website. Some app will be free and some are paid. But the softwareor app provided will be genuine, free of any security threats.